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Dr. Clark is available for veterinary ranch calls
7 days a week 9am - 5pm
Ph: (530) 771-7770

Compassionate Vet Care - mobile veterinarian euthanasia
Dr. Clark strives to provide excellent, mobile veterinary care to patients in
El Dorado, Amador, and Placer counties.

This includes Placerville, Cool, Shingle Springs, Somerset, Fair Play, Garden Valley, and Georgetown.
If you have an emergency, or if a
veterinary practitioner is not available in your area, call (530) 771-7770.
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Cmpassionate Vet Care - Dr. MaryPride Clark, DVM

Thank you for your interest in Compassionate Veterinary Care.  We are very interested in providing you resources which you may use even if you do not avail yourself of our services.

Please select the links below for more information:

Compassionate Vet Care  California Emergency Supply List.

Compassionate Vet Care  California Breeding items.

Compassionate Vet Care  California Body Condition Scoring.

Compassionate Vet Care  California Dr Lisa Couper's Kid & Lamb Feeding Schedule

Appointments: To make an appointment contact Dr. Clark by calling (530) 771-7770.
Compassionate Vet Care  California Routine Ranch Calls: Seven Days a Week 9am - 5pm.


Emergency Supply List

  • Penicillin G

  • Betadine Solution (not scrub)

  • Hemostats and/or large binder clips

  • Digital thermometer

  • B Vitamins (injectable)

  • Tetanus "anti"toxin (not the same thing as vaccine)

  • Anti-bloat medication such as Therabloat or mineral oil

  • Electrolytes such as Diaque, Pedialyte, or Gatorade

  • Baking Soda

  • Molasses

Breeding Items

  • Lubricant. The horse lubricants available in gallon jugs the feed store.

  • Tums (calcium source)

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is an easy and highly effective way to catch early disease (like parasitism or Johne's), prevent disease (ex. milk fever), increase fertility, and lower your feeding costs.  

Just looking at your animal isn't good enough!  Many ruminants have large gas filled rumens which poke out of their sides making them look fat or pregnant all of the time. The size of this belly is NOT related to the levels of fat and muscle that actually determine the health and performance of the animal. Dairy animals also tend to look thinner because you can see some of their ribs even when they are obese. Animals like alpacas or angora goats have lots of fiber which makes them look fat and fluffy even when they are severely underweight. Don't wait until shearing to find out that your animal is bone thin and in desperate condition. Body condition scoring requires you to lay hands on your animals, but after you learn to do it, each animal can be scored in under 10 seconds. 

Dr. Clark recommends scoring your animals at least once a month. Write each animal's BCS down on a calendar and look for patterns like continued weight loss which may indicate that you have a health problem in an individual or your herd. Also, many pet animals are obese which brings a host of health problems - think about the lower feed costs as well as extending the lifespan of your pet. 

Meat breeds can be scored differently than dairy breeds, so please choose the appropriate scale. 

Click on your species of interest below for more information.

Goats: EXCELLENT written and visual presentation of goat body condition scoring

Sheep: Well prepared information

Dairy Cattle. Three resources:

Beef Cattle. Three Resources;

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Dr. Clark veterinarian Amador El Dorado, Placer counties
 Mobile veterinary care for patients in
 El Dorado, Amador, and Placer counties.
Dr. Clark's mailing address is
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Ph: (530) 771-7770
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